Case Apugenius – World's Most Efficient Micro Gas Turbine

Apugenius is developing the world's most efficient micro gas turbine.

Case Rautaseiska - Reverse Engineering of a Spreader

3D scanning and 3D modeling of a spreader tool

Case LUT University - Laboratory 3D Layout

Laser scanning of the power electronics and nuclear engineering laboratories at Lappeenranta University. We created Basic and Advanced level As-Built models of the laboratories

Case Andritz - Laser Scanning in a Pulp Digester Modification

Laser scanning of the internal components of a pulp digester for the design of screens' positions and support structures

Case Yara - Laser Scanning in Tank Design and Pipeline Modifications

Laser scanned point cloud model for supporting tank and piping design, and hauling path planning

Case ROTYX – Innovatiivinen rototiltti

Kokonaisvaltaista palvelua suunnittelusta käyttöönottoihin