Our strength lies in the combination of modern engineering expertise and extensive experience in machine design and construction. We leverage cutting-edge technology and the latest software in our operations. We provide services ranging from simple modeling and technical drawings to more complex and challenging projects.

Our primary design software is Autodesk Inventor Professional, along with PDM software Vault Professional. We also utilize several other Autodesk programs. We aim to be flexible according to our clients' needs and can perform design work with other software like SolidWorks as well.

In addition to 3D models and technical drawings, we produce technical documents such as user manuals, maintenance guides, and safety regulations. We prepare the necessary documentation for CE marking of equipment. We support our customers in identifying hazards and conducting risk assessments in compliance with machinery directives.


Our technical calculation services encompass the structural strength assessments of various steel structures using finite element analysis or analytical methods. We perform finite element analysis using Siemens Femap software and Nastran in CAD Inventor plugin.

Strength calculations are employed to ensure the functionality and durability of structures, or to optimize material usage and manufacturability. We produce fatigue calculations and lifetime-based analyses for steel structures. Strength calculations can significantly enhance the lifespan of structures, optimize their weight, or determine foundation loads for equipment under both operating conditions and seismic scenarios.

In typical calculation cases, we adhere to relevant standards such as Eurocode standards or the pressure vessel standard EN 13445. We provide reports of these calculations for inspection agencies or directly for the customer’s use.


We have been providing laser scanning services with our own equipment since 2018. We use Leica Geosystems' BLK360 laser scanner and Leica Cyclone software. We produce registered point cloud data in common file formats along with 360-degree photos of scan points. From the point cloud data, we generate colored triangle mesh models, solid models, or prepare measurement reports based on the customer’s requirements.

Starting from 2019, we have also conducted 3D scanning using the client's own equipment for quality inspection purposes. We have utilized Creaform's MetraSCAN3D scanner and VXElements software for scanning. In the analysis of scanning results and compliance assessment, we have employed Innovmetric's Polyworks software.

With experience from dozens of projects, we can confidently affirm that this technology brings tangible benefits to design projects. We are planning to invest in new equipment in 2023. Stay tuned or contact us


We are a competitive supplier for various single machines or prototypes across different industries. Our customers are institutions such as LUT University and XAMK Southeast Finland University of Applied Sciences, as well as private start-up companies from sectors like energy and boat manufacturing. We also serve well-established companies by providing custom machinery, equipment, or tools to enhance their production processes.

We have engaged in mechanical design for various innovations, such as a patented track crusher based on a novel crushing technology. We are a partner with ROTYX Oy in the design of attachment solutions for excavators based on patented tilting technology.