About us

The story

Mertala Innovations Oy is an engineering company founded in 2009 in Sulkava by Asko and Olli Toropainen. That year, after Asko graduated as an engineer from the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, there was little job supply during the recession, and the desire to return to his home region gave him the spark to employ himself. Mertala Innovations Oy began as a producer of engineering services supporting the operations of the machine workshop Rautaseiska Oy. The original business idea was to refine our customers' ideas into innovations.

Over time and as the customer base expanded, the operation developed more from project deliveries of unique machines to the production of contract-based design services. In 2018, Asko got to know Akseli Kärkkäinen while working in a shared office at the client's premises. After three years of successful co-operation, a business arrangement was made, as a result of which Akseli became the company's co-owner and chairman of the board.

Today, our company offers mechanical engineering, 3D scanning services, and after Janne Savolainen joined the company from the beginning of 2022, also strength calculation and other technical calculation expert services. We also co-operate closely with the machine workshop Rautaseiska Oy in terms of machine building, manufacturing various individual machines and prototypes as project deliveries. Our premises are located in Lappeenranta and Sulkava.


1. Professionalism

We always strive to do our best in our work. We operate in an organized manner following the guidelines we have established and continuously improve our processes. We utilize modern technologies and the latest software while enhancing our expertise through ongoing education and training. All our experts are trained professionals.

2. Flexibility

We always strive to respond promptly to customer needs. Our services assist customers in allocating their own resources and enable them to focus on their core tasks. We aim to be available at all times. We also aspire to be a flexible employer.

3. Customer Orientation

Our operations are based on a comprehensive consideration of customer needs. We openly present different perspectives and alternatives that help achieve the best possible outcome from the customer's point of view.

4. Innovation

We refine customer ideas into business-appropriate products, considering not only the technical features of the products but also manufacturability, costs, and design.


We strengthen our position as a reliable and skilled provider of design and consulting services for our customers. We achieve organic growth by increasing sales efforts and expanding our team of experts as well as our range of services.


We provide our customers with high-quality design services in a flexible manner. In our operations, we utilize modern software and technologies, and we continuously enhance our expertise through ongoing education and training.

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